It’s been 6 years since Betty’s first solo album was released, and it is about time and with much excitement that she gets ready to offer up a live full length recording, that is to be released later this year.  Tracks from this album will begin to be posted soon, so check back for this work.
In the mean time that might just be kind, here are some collaborations and solo recordings from the last 5 years, and “Ain’t Life Grand album” from 2010.

This Machine” Red Haven and Dirty Grace “Live at Monarch Studios”

“In Your Language” Clogged Arteries:  in Support of Front-line Pipeline Resistance

Collaboration with SAVASTINE:  Courage

Links to songs with Dirty Grace from “Coals and Crows” (2015) When I DieBare Naked

Links to songs with Dirty Grace from “Snow Into Fire” (2012) The DrinkHoly Man’s Land

Link to a night’s improvisational collaboration with and mixed up by the inimitable Shoy Boy: Opel Folk (Casual lo-fi Recordings in Space)


TUNES FROM “AIN’T LIFE GRAND” Betty Supple and Friends (2010)